Thursday, January 21, 2016


Who HE Says

This is what the I AM CHALLENGE has been all about...
leading you to the place of understanding how much God loves you and that HE speaks highly of YOU!

You are going to love this song!

I am all He says I Am

He whispers in my ear
Tells me that I'm fearless
He shares a melody
Tells me to repeat it
And it makes me whole
It reminds my soul

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
And He says I am His own

I was blinded by scales upon my eyes
Then He came like a light
And burned up all the lies
He set me free
He reminded me

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
An He says I am His own

Chains are broken
Scales are on the floor
Truth is spoken
I'm no orphan anymore

I am loved
I am new again
I am free
I'm no slave to sin
I'm saint
I am righteousness
I'm alive

Check out this article by a young lady with Down Syndrome, whose mom challenged her to find somewhere in the Bible, where God called her a mistake and if she found it. her mom would pay her $5000...Guess what?  She did not find it!

She said:  "I spent a lot of time reading in the Bible to find out what God said about me. All the Scriptures I found said just the opposite, so I never did get the $5,000! "

Cool, huh?

The Bible is full of God speakng life to you so you can live the life He created you to live!

The 21-day I AM Challenge was only the beginning...Now its time to claim who he says you are...for the rest of your life! Its time to Speak Life & Live!

I pray this journey, while simple, has been transforming for you. My hope is that you will continue to search the SWord and find all the beautiful treasures hiddenwithin it - just for you!

Now its your turn...Its time to testify!


You know!!

Say it with me...

I have a favor to ask...

Would you be willing to share how the I AM Challenge has impacted your search to unmask your identity?

Please consider sharing your testimony, writing a review and inviting me to speak at your next event!!!

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           I AM Who HE says I AM.

Led by the Holy Spirit A Child of God 
Set Apart 
A New Creation Redeemed 
His Favorite Obediently Blessed Beautiful 
An Overcomer 
Saved by Grace Loved 
Healed and Whole 
A Warrior 

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