Monday, December 26, 2016

When you cant find words...

Speaking Life is not easy...

I have been on a journey the past few years. You see I wasn't always like this. I have walked out of a dark place, where my tongue was loose, where it wielded immense destruction in my life and the life of others. I didn't arrive to this mindset in a moment. I had to fail miserably first. I came to a crossroads in my life that stared me square in the eyes. Someone I looked up to was lovingly bold and spoke truth into my life.

 Life giving truth.

I was out of line. I was hurting others. I was leading others to speak death, through complaining, judgement and gossip. I had become an open vessel to others speaking death, instead of life and it was becoming a monster. I made a choice that day and have been on an incredible journey to humble myself, become teachable, accountable and obedient. God transformed my speech.

He did so much more! God transformed my life.  Through my walk from a destructive tongue to a voice that seeks to only speak life, I feel honored to be released to encourage others to speak life, I am humbled to share my journey with you.

Speaking life is not easy, it is a discipline and one I must build upon every single breath I breathe.

There are moments that are tougher then others to speak life, especially behind closed doors. We all tend to let our guards down and in a moment of discussion; thoughts and words can be spoken that are not life giving. I still have moments where I struggle, usually when I am tired, stressed or not feeling the best. I have to be on guard and if I slip up, I must be humbled, repent and seek forgiveness.

I find the more time I spend in the quiet place, the better equipped I am to handle the daily triggers that would otherwise unleash my tongue to wield deathly blows. I want to be a life giver, a speaker of truth. I want to be an encourager!

My prayer every day is this: Lord, teach me to love the way you love, to only use my tongue to bring life.

Another area I am still working on...

Driving:  Whether I am behind the wheel or a passenger, the judgement of drivers in other vehicles comes far too easily through my tongue, I justify "safety" is the reason I say things that are not life giving, thankfully swear words have all been eliminated from my speech, but even so, the words are not kind. My pride and arrogance lead me to speak, believing I am a better driver. There is death in impatience, pride and arrogance.

 Lord help me to be humble and hold my tongue..

These are areas that are practical to work towards the goal of speaking life, practicing, failing, starting over until it becomes habit to speaking life in all situations.

The hardest place to speak life,  is the hurting place. The place where pain and suffering dwell.

What happens when you speak life and death still comes?

If I believe the Word of God is 'alive' and I trust the author and the finisher of life, and the only tool I have access to is what is written in that word, and I have purposefully captured my thoughts....being mindful to speak life over those fighting for theirs... then I have no choice but to accept the end result, no matter what it is...

It is my quandry, if I have accepted the call to intercede, then I must speak life, even in the midst of death.

This is where the strength of the Lord carries me...when the baby dies, I speak life...when the 12 year old dies, I speak life. When the wife, the husband, the friend...leaves this earthly place through death, I must speak life.

My human mind wants to kick and scream like a sibling who got the smaller half of the sandwich - No Fair! Death in human form is unacceptable in our human capacity, our very essence feels robbed of the physical presence wrapped in what we as humans consider love.

It is in the place of speaking life that life is given back to us, through the power of the Holy Spirit. he carries us through, He comforts us, He promises us the precious promise of a grand reunion for those who believe in Jesus, the life giver.

I will seek to speak life, even in the midst of death, only because my Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ - has spoken to me through His death and I was given a new life, one I couldn't have ever hoped to live, without Him.

Though not perfected, my journey has given me tools to teach others...please visit my website and consider inviting me to speak at your next event.

Be Blessed and remember...

Speak Life & Live!

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