Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My view

I know many of you have wondered what my thoughts are on the interview Carl Lentz had in the den of vipers otherwise known as The View...

I have reserved my thoughts until now...

I've watched so many Christians jump on the judgment bandwagon. 

So intent on picking apart what he 'didn't say', that they failed to hear what he did say.

I heard his heart.

The compassion in his words to protect the hidden and hurting souls of those that have had abortions, was evident. He was careful with every single word he spoke because his goal is to win souls, not throw stones at the sinner. His desire is to be like Jesus and sit at the table with them and lead them to the truth in love.

 Is it yours?

Too many were to quick to react and fell into a pharasitical mindset...throwing stones because he didn't speak from the law and neglected to see...that he spoke from love.

I think he did as well as he could considering the onslaught of questions there were being thrown at him like darts... He kept his composure despite what the seasoned Christians thought...I believe he won souls.

Here is Pastor Carl Lent Tweet today


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