Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Forging ahead.

I forge ahead...despite the critics.
No...not everyone is meant to share their story, but I am.
Everyday I sit in front of my laptop, it looks different...some days I breeze through the pages, thinking of the one who will read between the lines and find her or his own freedom.
Their face propels me forward.
Other days...I crumple in a heap of hot tears and sadness, grieving for the little girl with the big eyes and the bright smile...who despite the rage around her, woke up every morning with dreams and hope. I write fiercely to tell her story.
She is a warrior.
Then...there are days like today, when I battle once again with words that have wounded me to the very core. Words, that were meant to kill my spirit...searching deep within my own heart for the Lord to clean out anything not of Him within me. Because...I have learned through this process , despite the pain, I know the Lord is using it all for His glory.
I press in, seeking His truth...and then -- in a moment -- a friend lifts the veil, brings a truth that had been hidden into the light...I am FREE.
I worship. I praise. Then He speaks to my spirit... and instructs me to stop looking over my shoulder and... just. move. on.
I have all I need.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I don't need a system or a plan or someone else to show me how...
I just need to tell the story.
Real. Raw. Now.
God set this course... all I have to do is lift the sails and fly.

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